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Planteparadise / Leparadisdujardin

The Company was founded in May 2010, the status has changed twice since, the first in January 2013 where it was transformed into Sas, the other in February 2021 or she moved to the land of Bitche.
We started with the sale of non-tracing bamboo and shade sails, over the years we have expanded the range by offering various sails and more plants . Since February 2021 we have specialized in the sale of wooden games.

Planteparadise / Leparadisdujardin is a company located in France, in Moselle.

"Quick telephone contact, after-sales service settled as soon as possible, we will contact you quickly if there are any concerns" .

Our Offices are located in Bitche at the following address:

29 rue des greniers a grains

67350 Ettendorf


Mobile phone:



You can visit us or pick up a package, but we ask you to make an appointment in advance.