Why choose Coolaroo and Shadesailworld!

both are based in Australia, which is also the country of invention of the shade sail. Who first developed sails, we do not know, Coolaroo and SailshadeWorld are renowned companies that have existed for several years. Both have chosen the same material to assemble their sails, it is called HDPE 'high density polyethylene, it is a synthetic material woven in the form of airy mesh. HDPE shading sails are very resistant to rotten wear. The shadesailworld and coolaroo sails are not waterproof, they leave an average of 30% water.

PEHD: its properties are:

  • maximum temperature of use: 105 °C;
  • embrittlement temperature: -50 °C;
  • microwave aptitude: yes;
  • flexibility: good;
  • very good resistance to acids, aliphatic alcohols, aldehydes, aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons;
  • low resistance to oxidizing agents./ Li>

He is regenerated anditle = "Recycling" href = "">recycled in the form of granules./ P>

For example, it is used to produce highly resistant cases of plastics, gliding tracks for , packaging of detergent products or milk./ P>

Polyester: polyester is mainly used to manufacture synthetic fibers sold in large-area stores like CA.