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Advice and creation of a non-invasive, non-invasive bamboo hedge. fargesia robusta hedge

For the whole population when we talk about bamboo, we immediately think of:/ P>

"Oh no it's worse than the weed"


"you plant that and after you have it everywhere" .

Effmost of the variety of bamboos,
"Phyllostachys, Indocalamus, Sasa, Sasaella, etc." is said'leptomorphe'
ie tracer or invasive
, the plant produces, ricehomes.
The ricehome is like a big root about the size of a cane or 'bamboo stubble' that tends to run in your garden.
The rice usually evolves on the surface or up to 60cm deep, this one creates buds that will later give a cane, contrary to what we read here and there, bambunny bou does not mean non-tracing bamboo,here is the definition of cespiteux:
cespiteux: it is said of a plant that it is biliary when it does not spread on the surface, that it has a narrow development.

FARGESIA, Bambusa, Thamnocalamus, Drepanostachyum and Yushania 'Anceps'. produce a root system totally 'pachymorph', that is to say without rice.

On the other hand he existsyou have three varieties that are very choppy, but a leptomorphic system is not excluded. They are the family BORINDA, THAMNOCALAMUS and CHUSQUEA.
Chusqueato a root system pachymorphebut the spacing between the stubble can be important, it is said that the development of this bamboo can be important especially for Chusquea 'Gigantea'.

Advantage of creating a bamboo hedge in FARGESIA:

  • Mostly they do not map, says they are so crooked they are not invasive
  • you do not need to drink in BAR "anti-rizhome barrier"
  • It's a FamBamboo island which is extremely cold-resistant in the order of -20 ° C to -29 ° C for some species.
  • they produce a lot of canes "stubble" which are very fine for most species as well as leaves
  • excellent windbreak and windbreak due to the large volume of stubble and leaves.
  • For most species they do not grow very tall from 2m to 4m "ideal for a hedge".

Disadvantage of creating a bamboo hedge in FARGESIA:

  • To create a haiopaque it takes a larger quantity of plants than for a phyllostachys/ Li>
  • we must count a plant every 60cm to 100cm depending on the variety.
  • FARGESIA grow much more slowly than Phyllostachys "tracer", it takes 4 to 6 years for a plant to reach adulthood. For those who are in a hurry, favor the purchase of plants in container 25Lts or more./ Strong>
  • In identical Container a FARGESIA costs a little more than a Phyllostachys "EXCEPT IN OUR SHOP", the price remains to be demonstrated if one buys BAR for a tracing bamboo hedge.

''Ofdevelopmentmeans the mature area of the ground plant measured over a 10-year period. ,,

haie bambou fargesia robusta 2

Which FARGESIA to choose for its hedge:

Fargesia Dracocephala:Rustic -23 ° C, supports sun / light shade, height 2.5-3m, development 70cm to 1m, net port and stiff tuft, stubble 1.5cm max, sheet 10x1.2cm.
Advantage:Ideal for screen or dense hedge, plant a pot 3L / +every 80cm.
Disadvantage: this bamboo is hard to establish in poor soils or too heavy, it loses many leaves during the winter that are not renewed in full in the spring.

Fargesia Murielae:Rustic -29 ° C, support sun / light shade, height 4m, development 75cm to 1.2m, dense tuft, umbrella port, stubble 1.5cm max, leaf 8x1cm light green enough bright.
Advantage:luminous and dense foliage, ideal screen with noise in hedge or screening, to plant a pot 3L / + every 80 / 90cm.

Fargesia Murielae 'Jumbo':Identical to 'Murielae, but with wider leaves, becomes adult faster, wearing high and open./ A>
Advantage:luminous and dense foliage, grows quickly, ideal screen to noise in hedge or screening.

Not available Fargesia Murielae 'Simba':Rustic -29 ° C ,supports sun / partial shade, height 2m, development 50 to 80cm, solid and dense port, stubble 1cm max, sheet 7x1cm.
Advantage:Ideal for a low hedge, valuable plant for small />
Not available Fargesia Murielae 'Harewood':Identical to 'Simba', maybe a little tall, light and airy.
Advantage:ideal in low hedge less than 2m, valuable plant for small gardens./ P>

Disadvantage Murielae family: It is increasingly difficult to find Murielae on other sites and in our nursery, because it is a plant very sensitive to diseases and climatic conditions. A simple attack of aphids can overcome this variety, a finding also made by Kimmei Nursery itself:

Note: Almost all varieties of the species FARGESIA MURIELAE such as "Bimbo", Jumbo, Super Jumbo "and" Simba ", despite their impressive names have been removed from our recommendation list. We were generally disappointed by their sensitivity and susceptibility to the disease.

We are seeing more and more hybrid plant nitida x murielae combining the strength of nitida and the color of the foliage of murielae, these plants seem quite promising

Fargesia Nitida 'Jiuzhaigou sp 1': Rustic -29 ° c, light / half shade, height 3m, development 60cm to 1m, squat and straight port, stubble 1.5cm max, sheet 5x1,5cm.

Advantage:hedge or windbreak, gorgeous purple stubble leaves can bear direct sun, plant a pot 3L / + every 80cm.

Fargesia Nitida 'Jiuzhaigou Red Panda ™, Red Dragon ™:Rustic -29 ° c, light / half shade, height 3m, development 60cm to 1m, squat and straight port, stubble 1.5cm max, sheet 5x1,5cm.
Advantage:New Generation of nitida jiuzhaigou sp by Jan Oprins who imposed a TradeMark on this generation, the benefits are the same as fargesia nitida Jiuzhagou sp1 but from an invitro culture, it is certainly more resistant to diseases, the risk of blooms is lower .
Experience: The customers often return us a negative opinion on the quality of shoot of the plants resulting from the InVitro technology. The plants take longer to reach their adult sizes. In addition the Trademark imposed by the producer charges an additional cost for the end customer, we advise you to refer to a Fargesia Nitida Jiuzhaigou sp1 or Genf.

Fargesia Nitida Great wall, Synonym: '' Nymphenburg ,,:Rustic -29 ° c, light shade support, height 4m, development 75cm to 1m, stiff and straight at the base, stubble 1.25cm max, sheet 9x1cm max.
Advantage:impressive hedge or a broad breeze view, blue / silver stubble, plant a pot of 3L every 80cm max.

Fargesia Robusta:Rustic -18 ° C and +, supports sun / shadow-light, height 5m, development 75cm to 1,5m, very vertical port, stubble 2,5cm max, sheet 10x1,5cm.
Advantage:sheath light, stiff, good development, satisfactory height, extra to form a hedge is the choice of writing, plant a pot 3L / + every 1m.

Fargesia Robusta 'Pingwu': This plant has a lower vertical port that the Robusta variety, it will rise up to 3,5m height on average, its new stubble are pink, the leaves are larger than the variety, it takes 13x2cm on average.

Fargesia Robusta 'Wolong':its leaves are much larger than 'Robusta' and 'Pingwu' the red sheaths can be present, it is much more beautiful in winter. It is a bamboo that is less vertical than the variety, its leaves bring a real tropical effect they reach 17x3,5cm

Fargesia Robusta 'Campbell':Identical to the speciesits stubble is slightly thinner its average height is close to 4m. However we have a serious doubt about the difference between Robusta and Robusta 'Campbell', We think that this variant is Robusta are exactly the same plant.

Fargesia Rufa:Rustic -20 ° C, supports sun / shadow-light, height 2,5m, development 75cm to 1,5m, rather broad tuft, low and stocky port, stubble 1cm max, sheet 8x0.75cm.
Advantage:Shroud pink shrimp, ideal hedge low plant a pot of 3L / + every 1m.

Fargesia Scabrida 'Asian Wonder':Rustic -20 ° C, supports sun / shade-light, height 3m, development 70cm to 1m, straight port, stubble 1cm max, narrow leaf.
Advantage:New sheaths purple / orange very pretty, ideal hedge, plant a pot 3L / + every 80cm.

Fargesia Denudata:Rustic up to -23 ° C, supports sun / partial shade, he likes to have the feet slightly wet and does not support the drought height 3 meters on average his leaves are small and narrow 5x1cm.
Advantage:Stunning colorful stubble in the juvenile state, when they get older they end up a scarlet yellow .

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Some examplesof hedges in Fargesia

haie fargesia jiuzhaigou sp1haie murielae bimbohaie robusta campbellmurielae-jumbo hedge taken in the shade fargesia rufa cut hedge hedge sumptuously brightened in murielae

Allthe photos exposed above have been searched on the internet and do not belong to />
To write this article we put forward our personal experience, but we also used The Bamboo Reference Book '' RUSTIC BAMBOUS Taming the dragon,, written by Paul Whittaker.

By Nicolas Rodriguez