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The best tips to create a hedge of bamboo Fargesia

 Council and creation of a bamboo hedge tracing, non-invasive.haie de fargesia robusta


For the whole of the population when it comes to bamboo, thoughtimmediately to:


"Oh no it's worse that the weed"


"you plant it and after you're everywhere".


Actually a large part of the varieties of bamboo,
"Phyllostachys, Indocalamus, Sasa, Sasaella, etc." is said to be ' leptomorphe '
It means creeping or invasive
the plant produces, and Eastern.
The rizhome is as a root of the size of a cane or 'thatch' bamboo which tends to run in your garden.
Rizhome evolved generally surface or up to 60cm maximum depth, it created the buds which will later give a cane, unlike what can be read here and there, bamboo suckering does not mean non-tracant bamboo, here is the definition of clustered:
CespiteUX:  told of a plant is Evergreen when it does is spread not on the surface, it to a narrow development.

FARGESIA, Drepanostachyum and Thamnocalamus, Yushania. produce a root system completely 'pachymorphe' that is to say without rizhome.

On the other hand there are three varieties which are very clustered, but a leptomorphe system is not excluded. These are the family of the BORINDA, the THAMNOCALAMUS and the CHUSQUEA.
Chusquea in many a root system pachymorphe but the spacing between the culms can be important, we then say that the development of this bamboo can be especially important for Chusquea 'Gigantea'.


Advantage to create a hedge of bamboos in FARGESIA:





  • the purchase of the plants in container 25Lts or more.
  • In the same container a FARGESIA cost a bit more expensive than a Phyllostachys "Except in our BOUTIQUE", price remains to be seen if one buys the B.A.R for a hedge of bamboo tracing.


'' Development means the adult area of the plant on the ground measured over a period of 10 years. ,,


haie bambou fargesia robusta 2

What FARGESIA choose its hedge:



Fargesia Dracocephala: Rustic - 23 ° c, supports Sun/light shade, height 2, 5 - 3 m, development 70 cm to 1 m, net port and steep tuft, thatch 1.5 cm max, sheet 10x1.2cm.
Advantage: Ideal screen or dense hedge, plant a pot 3L / + 80cm.

Fargesia Murielae: Rustic - 29 ° c, supports Sun/light shade, height 4 m, development 75cm to 1, 2 m, dense clump, umbrella, thatched ˜ max port, sheet bright enough soft green 8x1cm.
Advantage: foliage bright and dense, idealscreen noise hedge or brise-vue, planting a pot 3L / + all 80 / 90cm.

Fargesia Murielae 'Jumbo' : Identical to ' Murielae, but with wider leaves, becomes an adult faster, high and open port.
Advantage: bright and dense foliage, grows quickly, ideal screen noise hedge or brise-vue.

Unavailable Fargesia Murielae 'Simba': Rustic - 29 ° c, supports Sun/partial shade, height 2 m, 50 80cm, solid and dense port development, thatched 1 cm max, sheet 7x1cm.
Advantage: Ideal for a low hedge, plant of value for small gardens.

Fargesia Murielae 'Harewood': Same as 'Simba' one can witness high, light and airy.
Advantage: ideal hedge low less than 2 m, plant of value for small gardens.

Fargesia Nitida ' Jiuzhaigou sp 1 ':
Rustic - 29 ° c, supports light/shade, height 3 m, development 60cm to 1 m, port right and stocky, stubble 1.5 cm max, sheet 5 x 1, 5cm.
Advantage: hedge or shelterbelts, beautiful purple stubble leaf support can direct sunlight, plant a pot 3L / + 80cm.

Fargesia Nitida ' Jiuzhaigou Red Panda ™, Red Dragon ™: Rustic - 29 ° c, supports light/shade, height 3 m, development 60cm to 1 m, port right and stocky, stubble 1.5 cm max, sheet 5 x 1, 5cm.
Advantage: New Generation of jiuzhaigou sp by Jan Oprins nitida which imposed a TradeMark on this generation, the benefits are the same as fargesia nitida Jiuzhagou sp1 but coming from an invitro culture, it is certainly more resistant to diseases, the risk of blooms is lower.

Fargesia Nitida Great wall, synonym: "Nymphenburg,:  Rustic - 29 ° c, supports light shade, height 4 m, development 75cm to 1 m, stiff and straight port at the base, thatched 1.25 cm max, sheet 9x1cm max.
Advantage: impressive hedge or a wide breeze overview, stubble blue/silver, planting a pot of 3L all 80cm max.

Fargesia Robusta : Rustic - 18 ° c and + supports Sun/shadow-light, height 5 m, development 75cm to 1, 5 m, very vertical port, thatched 2.5 cm max, sheet 10 x 1, 5cm.
Advantage: light jacket, steep port, good development, height satisfactory, extra to form a hedge is the Editor's choice, planting a pot 3L / + every 1 m.

Advantage: Beautiful thatched colored the juvenile State, when they get older they end a scarlet yellow.


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A few examples of achievements of Fargesia hurdles

haie fargesia jiuzhaigou sp1haie murielae bimbohaie robusta campbellhaie en murielae-jumbo prise à l'ombrehaie taillée en fargesia rufahaie somptueusement éclaircie en murielae

All exposed above pictures above have been the subject of a search on the internet and do not belong to us.

To write this article we put forward our personal experience, but we also used the reference book on bamboo " BAMBOOS Hardy tame the dragon written by Paul Whittaker.

By nicolas Rodriguez

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