The Neem cake, an effective lawn fertilizer!/ Strong>

To start the tests were carried out at the very heart of our company, we had the idea quite simply thinking of the multiple virtues provided by the Neem cake! .

In simple summary, the virtues are as follows:

- organic fertilizer "light composition" NPK + Mg0: 3-2,5-1,5 + 0,48

- stimulates the biological activity "which says stimulate said work of the earth"

- fertilizes the soil "organic nitrogen and rich in oligomers"

- natural water retainer

-a root system developed and improved

- better absorption of nutrients present in the soil

Knowing the recognized virtues of Neem pellet cake we wanted to try our turf. We must know that we are located in Alsace, the tests took place in August a month that was quite rainy the lawn was in bad condition.This one grows in a relatively clayey soil that does not allow the grass to produce strong and vigorous roots, so when it does not rain for a few days the earth is hard as stone and it cracks.

The photo on the right was a test to see the effects of Neem in the grass, 10 days later we can see the appearance of a bushy and green round.

before pellets of neem
après semance

We pushed the experience a little further by sowing neem garden on a larger piece of land.

On the left you have a picture at the neem and 3 weeks after the result!