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The Pot firearms for the bio-ethanol called also fireplace table ethanol allows all people to have a fireplace for indoors or outdoor, it is an irretrievable advantage do not need a flue, not to perform work, to raise the ash.

Tables with ethanol fireplaces are smaller than the chimneys of tables, they range from 20cm in diameters smaller pourles and go up to 60cm for the largest, they are also less expensive to purchase.

In summer you can use fire pots to decorate your garden, your outdoor tables salons, decorate the contours of your pools.

In winter these same pots firearms dress your interiors, make chalheureux your Christmas tables.

There are pots firearms in stainless material, ceramics or glasses.

Prices range from 30 to 350 euros on average.

All fire pots sold on work with bio-ethanol liquid or gel.


Bio-ethanol fire pots are not that decorative they will bring a heat source that will slightly warm your winter parts.


The chemiees have can carry or we want to with the sandstone of his mood.

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