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The first winter is often disastrous for freshly planted palms even forrhapidophyllum hystrix, ritchieana nannorrhops, sabal minor, trachycarpus fortunei and wagnerianus, chamaerops humilis var 'cerifera'.

It is thus necessary to give them some winter care during the first 3 to 5 years.

For the palm trees mentioned above:

- treat the palms and the heartwith Bordeaux mixture or other anti-fungicidal special palm treatment./ P>

- group the fins.

- for the rootscover with crushedor other sharply cut chips, it is best to surround the palm tree with a fence leaving a diameter of spacing to fill it with grinds, to climb at the mid-height of the trunk for trachycarpus fortunei) see until the top trunk.

For other palms such asbutia capitata or yatay, jubaea chilensis, sabal palmetto, despite the coldest resistance of the most correct, requires a winter protection more consistent.

We sell since a vertical greenhouse of 80g / m² that will properly protect butia capitata, chamaerops humilis, this cover has a lot of advantage, it arises and settles very quickly, thanks to its good quality sail, the heat to the The interior of the sail is superior to the outside heat. of thetests will be carried out soon in Alsace./ P>

Its disadvantage is the diameter and height which is limited to plants of 1.5 meters.

There are heaters of French fabrications of very good quality and specially designed for palm trees but unfortunately the rates are still high.