Why choose the brand COOLAROO!



Coolaroo Europe stops commercializing the shade sails of the "Premium" range . We can still find some here and there, on our site too, but these are unfortunately the ends of stocksof this range. We inquired about the cause of this change, according to Coolaroo Europe the difference in quality between the ranges"Premium" and "Economy" is minimalas a result, Europe dealers are concentrating on the "Economy" sail sale and there is not enough production on the "Premium" range.

The cartons change, there is no longer written guarantee "10 years Premium" or "5 years Economy".

     The rings of the Coolaroo rangeare 5mm in diameter and triangular in shape, the seams are 35mm wide, the visual quality of the sail is identical tothat of the "Premium" range.

Nouvel emballage Coolaroo Unique

Above we can see the new packaging Coolaroo there is no longer writing Economy or Premium, it is the proof that the company sells more than one model.

So do not be fooled by the competition, if it sells you a premium range and you receive this box.

Coolaroo can no longer supply today, June 27, 2010 in 'Premium' range

The square sails 5.4x5.4 in White

triangular sails 5.0x5.0 in white

the square sails in white 3.6x3.6

New 2010 sails anthracite color

"It works hard"

      Coolaroomanufactures sails shade standard sizes so its price is so interesting without neglecting the quality of manufacture, for those who do not know yet coolaroo found its origins in the country of kangaroo "in Australia" country or the sun is in order, country where sails shading have been part of the decor for decades.

Coolaroorealizes PEHC sailswhich has nothing to do with polyester sailsthat can be found in commerce,the polyester has only defects it's veils are on sale just for their design,they have no practical aspects during hot weather.

      Coolaroo Sailsare guaranteed5 years", they are knitted fabric made of HDPE permeable to moisture, weather-resistant and breathable, suitable for installation in the open air all year round.

- Ideal solar protection with active exchange of air and humidity. / P>

- Lowering the temperature by preventing heat stagnation.

- 90% of UV rays are blocked.

- High resistance to transverse tensions of the fabric and specially designed double seams, without fading.

- Resistant to mildew and rot, no UV damage to the fabric level.

- Simple cleaning with laundry.

- Resistant to hydrochloric vapors from swimming pools and hydromassage systems.

- 195gr / m²

Colors : According to the forms some colors are not edited, so we can find on other website coolaroo colors other than the one that plantparadise & co can provide. Why ? we do not know, there are different colors for the us, we sell the colors for sale european.

Desert sand "Desert Sand" White "White" Terra cotta "Terracota" Anthracite "Charcoal"
Couleur voile coolaroo sable du désertr: 1px solid black; vertical-align: middle; "title =" White shade sail "src =" / img / coolaroo / colors / White.jpg "alt =" Color sail coolaroo White "width =" 100 "height =" 75 "/>Couleur voile coolaroo Terre cuiteCouleur voile coolaroo Bleu Ocean

We feel the quality of sailing not only to the touch but also when we find ourselves below during periods of high temperatures. Planteparadise & co is located in Alsace and at home when it is hot it is heavy without a breath of air, under the sail we really feel a difference in temperature with a slight passage of air that is rather pleasant.

There are only three shapes, square, rectangle and triangular. It is not necessary to see the three forms in itself, but the unlimited number of possibilities of pose.

This image represents the installation of a sail

square of 5.4 m of side

of color "Sand of Desert ".

The breakage of the sail is such that

we will forget that it is square.

in this picture the fixing points are

all at a different height.

réalisation d'une pose de voile carré

We can realize on this

photo the break of the square shape

as well as the architectural effect

that we can give him.

Vue d'un autre côté

Let's compare Coolaroo with a sail purchased on the Internet Corasol brand, there is no photo, just more expensive coolaroo sails are much more resistantthe = "text-decoration: underline;">.


- Fixing ring thickness 8mm

- white and thick stitching

- doubled binding tissues

- white / beige woven fabric

- Weight195gr / m²

image détail coolaroo premium dix ans

A sail of Marque Corasol

- Fixing ring 5mm

- beige / beige knit fabric

- plastic effect fabrics "unsightly"

- single bonding tissues

- fine and beige stitching

- grammage 180/185 gr / m³

- print lack of stitches

image détail corasol