Presentation d'un trachycarpus fortunei stipe 80/100cm

Who is he ?

Trachycarpus Fortuneiis an essential species, it is indeed the Palm tree the most resistant to cold,it can be found in all parts of Europe. Trachycarpus fortunei is a slender and slender palm tree, its leaves are perfectly webbed without wire or thorn, in the form of cut out evantails, they are not very resistant to the wind which breezes them without too much problems. The tips of the leaflets may turn yellow or even dry if the air is too dry or watering is lacking.

ThePetioles are flattened so they will not be dangerous for children.

The trunk of the hemp Palm can exceed 12 meters in height, it is cuvert of a thick horse which is constituted by a network of resistant fibers.

The species is dioecious: the male and female inflorescences are borne by different plants. The female feet produce large bunches of kidney-shaped fruits that germinate in a few weeks when sown ins favorable conditions.

Where does it come from?/ Strong>

It is a species native to China, in some parts of the country it supports cold and snowy winters, where the frosts can be quite severe.

How to cultivate it?

The culture is easy, the species adapts to a great variety of climatic and edaphic conditions. The best results are obtained on a rich, deep soil, and very well watered., The hemp palm likes the humidity and is delighted in regions with the rainy climate. Its growth depends a lot on water. Trachycarpus fortunei is only full in wet areas.

Embrown as strong winds are particularly harmful to the foliage.

As previously mentioned, the Chinese palm is particularly resistant to cold. If other palms are even more rustic (Sabal minor, Rapidophyllum hystrix ...), they are only bushes, not trees.

Trachycarpus fortunei is able to withstand repeated freezing temperatures of -15 ° C. Its tolerance limit is between -17 ° C and -18 ° C, however the heart of the palmsometimes stays alive and can start again in the spring so it should never be thrown away if it has no more foliage.

For regions such as Alsace, Belgium, Burgundy, it will protect the Palm during the winter, with a consequent mulching on the ground, consolidate the palms and cover the stipe with a carpet of coconut.

présentation des fruits du palmier chanvre