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Presentation d'un trachycarpus fortunei stipe 80/100cm

Who is?


Trachycarpus Fortunei is a key species, it is the Palm tree the most cold resistant, It can be found deans all regions of Europe. Trachycarpus fortunei is a gracile and slender Palm, its leaves are palmate perfectly without wires or spine, shaped cut fans, they are not very resistant to the wind that breezes without too many problems. The tips of the leaflets may turn yellow or even to order if the air is too dry or water is lacking.

The Petioles are flattened so they are not dangerous for children.

Hemp Palm trunk may exceed 12 metres in height, it is cuvert of a thick mane which is formed by a network of resistant fibre.

The species is dioecious: inflorescences males and females are carried by different plants. Female feet cause big clusters of kidney-shaped fruits which germinate within a few weeks when you sow them in favourable conditionss.




It is a species native to China, some areas of the country which supports winters cold and snowy, where Frost can be quite severe.



How to grow it?


Culture is easy, the species adapts to a wide variety of climatic and edaphic conditions. Best results are obtained on a soil rich, deep, very well watered., hemp Palm likes moisture and is thrives in areas with a rainy climate. Its growth depends enormously on the water. Trachycarpus fortunei does will please in full Sun than in humid regions.

Spray as winds are particularly harmful to foliage.


As said earlier the Palm of China is particularly resistant to cold. If other Palm trees even hardier printouts (Sabal minor, Rapidophyllum hystrix...) is that bushes, and no trees.


Trachycarpus fortunei is capable of supporting gels repeated-15 ° c tolerance limit is between-17 ° c to - 18 ° c, However the heart of the palm restsometimes living and can start again in the spring this is why you should never throw it away if it has more foliage.


Regions such as alsace, Belgium, Burgundy, should protect the Palm during the winter, with consequently mulching to the soil, to consolidate the palmet and cover the stipe with a carpet of coconut.

présentation des fruits du palmier chanvre

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