Taxus Cuspidata rustic

Multi-boules 100_125 cm off pot

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où la plante devra être exposée.Exhibition
Sun, shade or partial shade

logo température plantesHardiness
Supports up to-35 ° c <.p >

< img sty= "float: left;" clear: left; margin-right: 7px; "margin-bottom: 15px;" title = "" src ="height... "/ img/product/taille.jpg" alt = "Adult height of the plant" width = "40" height = "40" / >Height
According to the tree ordered

vitesse de pousse de la planteGrowth
Very slow

forme que prend la plante a l'age adulte< strong style = "do-family: Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, without serif;" do-size: 1.2em; make-weight: bold; "color: #a3047b;" > Port
Cloud tree, bonsai < /.p >

la plante perd elle ses feuilles lors de la période hivernaleFoliage

Taxus Cuspidata Nana is a dwarf taxus from the Japan, similar to taxus cuspidata. As the common taxus female plants bear they also toxic berries. Taxus cuspidata is a tree very resistant.

< spanstyle = "do-family: Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, without serif;" do-size: 1.1em; make-weight: 600; "color: #a3047b;" > Name:/ span >If the Japan, Taxus Cuspidata

Type of soil: Humide, frais et calcaire.

Use: isolated, to put forward. 

Pot disponible:
70 wooden pot; calibrated plant photo.

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