Larix Kaempfer Bonsai larch from Japan

Larix Kaempferi Bonsai Larch from Japan

Bonsai 150-175cm off pot P60 / C90 deco.

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This Larch from Japan (Larix Kaempferi) measures 150-175cm tall off pot, delivered in a P60 / C90 liter container, with a bark-based mulch on top of the pot. This plant is cut in S aWith Japanese type clouds, a cloud tree perfect for dressing up your garden.

Deciduous species: very sensitive to late frosts.

Appearance: Conical crown with long, almost horizontal branches, about 30 to 35 meters . He is about 200 years old. Its trunk is often flexuous (folded or curved zigzag).

Twigs: These are short, long, orange-brown twigs, shiny (glabrous and slightly pubescent at first), thick with tufts of leaves.

Buds: Brown-Reddish, shiny, somewhat resinous.

Bark: Brown-orange, rather finely cracked in small scales, rather thin.

Leaves: Soft needles between 1.8 and 4 cm , deciduous, isolated on long branches, grouped in clumps on short branches; they become yellow-orange in autumn at the time of the fall.

Flowers: Females in globular kittens, greenish yellow more or less carmine, reflected bracts.

Flowering: March-April

Fructification: November-February

Fruits: Globular cones, almost spherical, small (15-30 mm); Schoolsthin wings with reflective edges, appear as arranged in rosette, short bracts not very visible. One of the differences with European larch is that at the level of the cone the scales have the upper edges reflected (towards the outside).


It will enjoy the light with a regular humidity, the soil should be light, airy and deep.


Our cloud trees are produced in the Netherlands; acclimatization in our regions is excellent, unlike Italian and Spanish productions.
VSee the reviews on our Juniperus for sale year round.

Delivery metropolitan France: 130 € TTC Transporter specific (height of the plant 230cm with the pot).
Ability to deliver Belgium, Spain, Italy, Germany, Luxembourg, consult us inhref = "" title = "Contact us?">clicking here.
Plant delivered by Geodis Calberson in 48-72 h, strapped on pallet.

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