Cabane sunny Pilotis Cabin XL lodge gris et blanc

Stilt Cabin Cabin XL

Cabin XL is a small house for children on stilts with stairs and slide.


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Cabin XL is equipped as Cabin model; it also includes a slide and a staircase. Looking through the skylight, you can watch the surroundings from above.

  • 100% FSC (SKH-COC-000054-AJ) certified wood.
  • Natural exotic wood without chemical treatment.
  • Waterborne paint and ecological stain.
  • Cabin 3 years warranty.
  • Modular wooden system (for ease of assembly).
  • Play safely.
  • Modern design.
  • Peaceful colors.
  • Size: H 215 cm x W 260 cm x D 167 cm.
  • Suitable for children from 2 to 10 years.

logo fsc bois controlé Manufacture in Tropical Cedar Nature and rot, certified 100% FSC wood

Sunny products are made with tropical cedar wood called Cunninghemia lanceolata.This wood was usedin the past for boat building; it's a tropical wood naturally rot-proof, insensitive to fungi and insectswithout chemical treatment, unlike many outdoor toys in chemically treated pine.This is a wood 100% FSC(Forest Stewardship Council), an eco-label that ensures that the wood comes from responsible silviculture. The huts for children of the brand Sunny are of very good quality, that's why the brand guarantees their products 3 years.Fsc registration of the Sunny brand under the number (SKH-COC-000054-AJ).


With a Sunny cottage, setting up a hut has never been so easy; using a screwdriver and thanks to the ingenious system of modular wood, the assembly will be done in no time.

Fiche technique
Overall dimensionsL 260 cm x H 215 x D 167 cm
WoodTropical cedar called "Cunninghemia lanceolata"
Product Guarantee3 years

Sunny manual cabin XL

Installation instructions for Sunny Cabin and Cabin XL cabins

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