Cabane Enfant Chalet de printemps spring cottage backyard garden en bois exotique non traité

Child Cabin Spring Chalet

The "spring cottage" child hut is a beautiful full cabin with a large picnic bench, a fully equipped kitchen complete with sink, stove, cutting board, etc.


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tropical cedar structure and hemlock pilings2 year pragma accessory warranty

Spring Cottage Kids Cottage 100% natural untreated tropical cedar

The spring cottage is a beautiful and fairly large house with picnic bench and fully equipped kitchen with sink, stove, cutting board and
sliced ​​fruit to serve your friends when they come. You'll know they're here when you hear them ring at the door.
Greet them by planting flowers in your large window box.

Spring cottage is made from 100% cedar. With a tight little knot structure, the wood will be less likely to develop small cracks emanating from the knots. In laboratory tests, our durable cedar wood has been found to be resistant to rot and highly resistant to natural rot. All the wood is ground for a smooth and clear appearance, as well as cut and stamped with the part number to help speed up the construction process. Some pre-drills may be necessary. Our exclusive Safe-T-Fuse material makes assembly easy and secure.

Particularity of the Cabin "Spring Chalet"

  • 100% exotic cedar wood Cunninghemia lanceolata.
  • Hut, quick to assemble
  • Delivery Panel for a quick and easy assembly
  • Hinged garden door
  • Serve a few treats at the snack window with attached bench
  • large window openings for an airy feel
  • Send and receive messages in your mailbox
  • Display your original artwork on the interior board
  • Show your green thumb by planting flowers or vegetables in the flower box
  • Full kitchen with sharp fruit and cutting board, mounted sink and stove
  • 2 years warranty on wood.
  • 100% FSC wood, natural untreated, water based paints
  • To EN71 standards

logo fsc bois controlé Made of Natural Tropical Cedar and Rustproof

Axi products are fabrtied with tropical cedar wood called Cunninghemia lanceolata. This wood was used in the past for the construction of boats; it is a naturally rot-proof tropical wood , insensitive to fungi and insects without chemical treatment , unlike many chemically treated pine outdoor toys. It is a 100% FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) wood, an eco-label which ensures that the wood comes from responsible silviculture.

Fiche technique
Dimensions (cm)335.3L x 210.3lx 265.2h cm
Assembly time240 minutes
Product Guarantee2 years

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