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The wooden house Iris is identical to the Jesse Playhouse, but with stilts and more...p >

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The wooden house Iris is identical to the Jesse Playhouse, but with stilts and more. It is large and equipped with a slide down at full speed. The hoist is perfect to get the picnic basket in the shed, but it is of course also used to raise the secret treasure! Its height of 60 centimetres and its short slide make a cabin perfectly suited to younger children.

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-100% Cedar Cunninghemia lanceolata, 15mm panels, chassis: 38mm, stilts: 7x7cm < br / > -windows plexiglass, 3 Windows Open < br /> -windows and door with magnetic closure < br / > -Slide: 120 cm, guarantee 2 years
-Assembly time: 120 minutes
-Guarantee 5 years on wood, structure: 2 years
-Drink 100% FSC, natural not treated chemically, water based / > -To the standards EN71
-Set of fixing of the separately sold piles < br / > -Can be decorated with accessories sold separately

< img style = "float: left;" magrin-right: 5px; "margin-bottom: 5px;" title = "Label FSC shed axi pragma" src = "" alt = "logo fsc wood control" width = "70" height = "70" / > manufacturing in Tropical natural cedar and rotproof < /.p >

Axi products are made with wood of tropical Cedar called < stRong style = "do-family: Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, without serif;" do-size: 14px; "make-style: italic;" >Cunninghemia lanceolata. This wood was used in the past for the construction of ships; This is a < stRong style = "do-family: Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, without serif;" "do-size: 14px;" >naturally rotproof tropical woodinsensitive to fungi and insects without chemical treatmentUnlike many toys for outdoor pine treated chemically. It is a wood < strong style = "do-family: Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, without serif;" "do-size: 14px;" >100% FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), an ecolabel, which ensures that the wood comes from responsible forestry.

Unique and patented design, Axi wooden huts are aesthetic and innovative, naturally resistant to insects and moulds (wood guaranteed 5 years, 2 years structure), secure and / > all Axi products are of course standards EN71 outdoor toys, certified by the German laboratory TUV/GS.

Besides the ecological aspect, Axi products bring to the market of the outdoor toy of innovation, quality and safety:

-Innovation: forms houses: bevelled and very playful, they don't < br / >more like "garden huts" classics. On the ground or on stilts, all sizes are available. Possibility to decorate them with accessories sold separately. Patented "asymmetrical" design.

< p style = "do-family: Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, without serif;" do-size: 14px; "padding-top: 10px;" >-Quality: the wood used, solid construction, pre-Assembly and ready to use (already painted with resistant paint), attention to detail (snap closures, etc.), guaranteed wood: 5 years. The slides are guaranteed 2 years blown plastic and withstand extreme temperatures from-30 to + 50 ° c

< p style = "font family: Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; do-size: 14px; "padding-top: 10px;" >-Security: no angle cutting, no protruding tip, windows and doors are designed to not to damage the fingers of small, game platforms support at least 160kg.

< p style = "do -family: Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, without serif. do-size: 16px; "make-weight: bold;" > EASY INSTALLATION:

With an AXI Playhouse, you realize the dream of your child in a jiffy. Indeed, each AXI Playhouse consists of pre-assembled and pre-cut modules you are riding very simply with a screwdriver. The modules are all loans with the windows, doors and integrated roofs. You have not either thinking about painting or treatment, because it's already done. The only thing that remains to be done, it's the mounting of the modules so that the children can play in their house!  

Data sheet
Surface2.12 m
Structure100% FSC wood and untreated
Section post70 x 70 mm
Weight (kg)164 kg
Dimensions pergola118 x 61 cm
Height staircase58 cm
Product warranty2 years on the construction and 5 years on the wood
Any (WxDxH) dimensions277 x 180 x 223 cm
CertificationEN 71
WoodCdre Tropical appeal Cunninghemia lanceolata

Axi Iris Manual mounting

Installation instructions for the child huts of the axi brand, Iris, Jesse, Lisa, Emma and Max series

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