Four à Pizza Dada R Rotatif Inox

Dada Pizza Oven Revolutionary!

Finally a revolutionary and rotary pizza or bread oven at prices defying all competition, cook a pizza in 1 minute! maximum with simple wood pellets. Available in 2 colors and in stainless steel!


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the advantages of the product

Portable pellet pizza oven with pizza stone- The Dada R is an inexpensive portable pellet pizza oven for balconies, gardens and campsites.You cook a crispy pizza up to 450 ° C in 1 minute and more evenlythan with the Dada Traditional oven.The DaDa R must be ignited with grill pellets or pieces of wood.Treat your family and friends with a delicious pizza or a flambé pie!

  • Pellet oven in INOX or in BLACK color (heat resistant paint)
  • Insulated cooking room for very fast heating time and better heat retention
  • Reaches a temperature of 400 ° C in 20 minutes - Cooking time of + - 1 minute per pizza! even with thick legs
  • Extra large stainless steel burner
  • Stainless steel hopper for easy dosing of wood pellets
  • Thermometer
  • Rotating pizza stone 32cm with battery pack running on batteries (2x LR20 not supplied)
  • Retractable feet
  • Double-walled oven to avoid burning itself in the event of contact around 70 ° C on the outside surface
  • Optional pizza peel and cover

dada catalog

Complete catalog of dada 1 and 2 range with accessories available

Télécharger (3.39M)

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