The ACD® Greenhouses, We're talking about it!

Why buy an ACD® greenhouse?

We are looking for authenticity, we are seeking to reclaim control over our food, at least in part. We are drowned under the injunctions of all kinds, to eat organic, in short circuit, without pesticides etc ... is not it time to take the plunge, to return to some simple and effective reflexes. Obviously, this cannot be done overnight, but if we strive towards this goal!

angelo is happy to reap the rewards of his hard work

oblique greenhouse by ACD the must have

Having a garden, a few square meters of land, of course, is the condition. Classic gardening is of course punctuated by the seasons, a greenhouse will allow you to start earlier and to extend your crops! We are talking here about a greenhouse in noble materials, glass walls, aluminum structure. It will be bright, it will be practical, it will have the latest options and tips, we are, of course, talking about an ACD® brand greenhouse!

ACD® has a wide range of greenhouses, accessories, packs to meet all situations, we have selected a series of greenhouses, the most requested, always in 2 finishes, glass and raw aluminum, glass and powder coated aluminum.

urban greenhouse by ACD Piccolo

ACD straight wall greenhouse ACD oblique wall greenhouse

When choosing your greenhouse, here are some thoughts, alongside the budget, which will allow you to orient your choices:

  • how much area do you have?
  • what are your expectations?
  • what vegetables will find their place there?

Following on from this reflection, here are some arguments that will eventually convince you:

  • Safety first at ACD®

  • Our glazing is made of tempered 4 m/m securit glass, in the event of shattering, it decomposes into fragments of a few m/m², that is to say completely harmless.
  • Our greenhouses are extremely stable, have a self-supporting base with double tubular cavity.
  • Shapes and glasses of ACD® greenhouses

  • We have 2 types of construction, straight walls, oblique walls.
  • Greenhouses with straight walls have a timeless touch, emphasizes the classic side.
  • Greenhouses with oblique walls have many advantages, increased stability, improved light, reduced resistance to wind resistance, and space savings inside the greenhouse.

Our glasses are hammered on the roof, guaranteeing a better distribution of light while attenuating the crushing side of the sun by reflecting UV.

  • All of our glass walls (vertical) are transparent, for maximum brightness.
  • All our glasses have the same dimensions, which, in the event of breakage, and therefore after service, is extremely simple.
  • We use only one type of screw for the entire assembly.
hammered glass and ACD securit for maximum comfort

hardware entirely in stainless steel and identical to all structures
The enclosed attachments are easy to install.

  • ACD® greenhouse accessories

We have a wide range of accessories and options that will allow you to customize your greenhouse:

  • Shelves, shelves.
  • Mosquito net.
  • Assembly kit
  • Skylight. additional.

These accessories and options are available individually, but also as a pack!

  • The assembly of an ACD® greenhouse

Our assembly instructions are carried out with the greatest care, our technicians know how to meet the customer who will buy a greenhouse, once in his life, if he chooses to assemble himself, the elements provided must allow him to perform the assembly. However, by choice, no lack of time, everyone can request the intervention of our installation teams, they are certified!

ACD logo plus certification

Our ACD greenhouse installation services:

  • We operate throughout the country.
  • Installation by one of our teams will extend the warranty of your greenhouse; she spend 10 to 12 years!
mounting an ACD greenhouse frame mounting a roof window for ACD greenhouse fixing of ACD greenhouse roof reinforcements
  • Our technicians, before the intervention, will approach you to discuss all the details of the installation and of course the date of the intervention.

Our entire team is at your disposal, by @, chat, phone !

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