Parts order Umbrosa range

Parts order Umbrosa range

How to find a part to replace of the brand Umbrosa

This article is dedicated to all those who wish to order parts of Umbrosa parasols due to damage caused outside the product warranties.

Slowly we are setting up product sheets on our site in order to select the broken parts of Umbrosa parasols, at the time of writing the article we can find the list of Classic paraflex and evolution arm parts. Because this listing is tedious we have not yet put everything in place so how to do for the other umbrellas in the range:

1st step:

Start by downloading the exploded view of the parts corresponding to your parasol:

2nd step:

Note the parts, those accompanied by an asterisk * are difficult to change so it is preferable to take the set of underlying parts which will be delivered already assembled. There are references grouping several pieces, these references are noted in bold and grouping the pieces framed by dotted lines.

3rd step:

Contact us by email by clicking on this link , so that we can provide you with a quote.

PS: in mainland France the delivery costs amount to 25 € whatever either the number of pieces is a delivery package established by the factory and cannot be reassessed. For foreign countries we will provide you with the price during the quote.

It is also possible to order the canvas separately for each blind.

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