Mounting a Nesling sail with Umbrosa mat


This video of less than 3 minutes represents a slide show of images taken this summer during the installation of a shade sail without wall anchors, made with Umbrosa aluminum mats, two are placed along the facade at 90 °, the other two are set at 75 °.

Achievement step

  • 1- Preparation of the concrete blocks, we do not see it on the video but for the location of the studs we follow the same stage of the wire to trace
  • 2- After drying the blocks we put the sail again and pull the string in the diagonals of it
  • 3- We draw in pencil on the concrete blocks to find the axis of location of ambases of mats umbrosa.
  • 4- Installation of ambases (front side we put the pinners on pins umbrosa laid at 90 °) we will not have the problem of the tensioners deported on a post posed at 75 °.
  • 5- Side opposite we can move the ambase several meters because we use the Ingenua rope kit by Umbrosa.
  • 6- After drying the chemical seals (around 24 hours) we put the posts in place.
  • 7- Laying the shade sail.
  • 8- Regularly tighten each deck in turn so that the sail is centered in the tension axis of the Posts.


The working time for this achievement is 3 hours outside the drying period, the systems used were selected for ease of installation.
What to keep in mind and certainly the most important is not to move too far from the axis of tension and for that it is necessary to use the rope to be drawn and to remain in the axis of the diagonals.

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