Store Nesling Coolfit vertical mounting Tip

Nesling vertical blinds are supplied with two rings resembling those that can be found on key doors, they slide along the aluminum bar that is found at the bottom of the sail. These rings are used to stabilize the awning in case of light wind. The advantages are many:

  • stabilize in case of light wind
  • tension the sail
  • Choose an inclination of sailing (although certain slight incline).
  • in windy avoid friction sailing with all external materials in store.


The trick is to put in the ground sleeves pitons pool, indeed they are convenient because when they do not serve to keep sailing the piton of the nail falls and begins flush with the ground, it avoids to all who pass by there to take them in feet.


The installation is fairly easy, just drill ground diameter hole 6 or 8 depending on the size of the piton and hit all the room inside.


Unfortunately we do not currently sell this product that is not found in the corner fittings professionals. However you will find it quite easily on the internet by typing in your favorite search engine socket pool for peak , rates are around 1.20 to 2.5 € each excluding delivery.

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