Heat test sails hdpe Nesling Part.2

In this second article we address the sails Nesling, what performance measured ? Is outperform a veil Sailshadeworld 220gr ? The density of the fabric allows she to be more efficient with respect to the heat ?

To start these tests are performed with a thermometer measuring infrared remote kind Voltkraft IR-SCAN-350RH

We always take action in pointants this thermometer at the sun through the veil and live in the sun and then we will compare the temperature difference.

1st shot: Test on a shade sail Nesling 280 Gr colored sand


Day, time, and climate conditions:

Measure from Oregon to probe Cereste (Alpe de Haute Provence) , Tuesday, August 12 13:30 27.5 ° C in the shade, felt 37 ° C sunlight


temperature measured under shade sail braided polyethylene HDPE anthracite 280gr: 35.5 ° C

temperature measured live thermostat / Sun: 91.5 ° C

Result: Consider a differential of 56 ° C

We can realize that the measured differential is greater than in the previous section Part.1 because it was measured in southern France unlike the previous which was measured in the North-East of France . Aside from that the temperature measured below the veil between Nesling and Sailshadeworld is confined very close to 35 ° C, However, in this section we realize that sailing Nesling outperforms sailing Sailshadeworld 220 gr because the measured differential is about 20 ° C above (see previous article)

By Nicolas Rodriguez

Posted on 08/16/2014 Materials 0 4062

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