Heat test hdpe shade sails Part.1

Every companies made the promotions of its shade sails and other stores, but I do not think I've seen articles about the reaction products with respect to the absorption of heat in the sun. Yet making the fabric quality, guarantees, supplements seams, it is still essential for a shade sail Hdpe point where our question? They are so powerful that!. Firstly can we be repeated but we hdpe sails are a design or creation should I say Australian, however, only Coolaroo (sailing Gale Pacific) is still made based on a fabric designed in Australia, and Nesling Sailshadeworld are Chinese fabrics mounted and assembled in China, it does not mean that these sails are also qualitative. Brief return to our sheep, the measures taken in this section correspond to a shade sail 220gr Sailshadeworld anthracite.

start these tests are performed with a thermometer measuring distance infrared type Voltkraft IR-SCAN-350RH

We systematically take measures pointants this thermometer at the sun through the veil and live in the sun and then we compare the temperature difference.

1st shot: Test on a shade sail Sailshadeworld 220 Gr

Day, time, and climatic condition:

Measurement share Netatmo Thursday, July 17 2:54 p.m.: 32.1 ° C to shade, humidity 44% felt 38 ° C sunlight.

temperature measured under shade sail braided polyethylene HDPE anthracite 220gr 34.8 ° C

temperature measured live thermostat / Sun: 71.1 ° C

result Either a differential of 36.3 ° C

can realize that the shade temperature measured by the probe is less Netatmo only 2.7 ° C which is well placed for the shade sail braided Hdpe. That day the heat was fairly intense.


PS: Many products use sail cloth Hdpe: Nesling (sailing and store), Coolaroo, Sailshadeworld, Neocord, etc ...)


By Nicolas Rodriguez

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