Wok pour Barbecue Remundi nero, vulcano, phoenix et carus

Wok for Barbecue Remundi

Wok for Remundi Barbecue


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Wok for Remundi Barbecue Size S, M and L

Light wok dishes can also be prepared with our 3-piece wok on the Remundi Grill. The wok is placed on the inside opening of the grill plate (only works with the Remundi S size; for our other sizes, we offer a so-called wok ring as a transition).

Be careful to take the Grill For Wok to make the set compatible with Barbecues sizes M and L

Technical data Remundi Wok

Compatible with Nero (S, M and L), Phoenix (M and L), Carus (S, M and L) and Vulcano (M and L)

Size M - MaterialsStainless steel / Wood
ProductWok, 2 x ladle / spoon
Fiche technique
RangeIndividual Professional
Product Guarantee2 years
Video presentation

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