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Pseudosasa Japonica

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possibilitée de mixer entre les variétées. RZproduction bambou certifiée plante bleue


A base built, tight clumps and a drooping Crown, spread to the eyes of all the shiny leaves of Pseudosasa japonica. Whether inside or outside, in the garden in free or pruned hedges, isolated Tufts, pot or planter, this bamboo adapts to all places, and quite rightly that it is most common in our gardens. Naturally, we'll find it the feet in a little water; Pseudosasa japonica frequent wetlands, or even semi-marecageux, places in the company of ferns. Attention! Although this bamboo is bit mapping, still should be delimit its expansion area, using an anti-rhizomes barrier, to be implemented when planting. 

5 plants match a 5-metre long hedge < br / >10 plants correspond to a 10-meter long hedge < br / >15 plants correspond to a 15 meters long hedge. < /p >


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Important! Minimum quantities are essential to order some bamboos on the site, you do not have to order the same variety, you can mix the stamped logo, RZ mix varieties ", to do this choose varieties according to availability, send us an e-mail to: < a style ="colo"a: #ef1f7d;" title = "mail customer service company"href =".." / contact us "> is" We will build you a custom purchase order. < /p >

Data sheet
RusticitSupports up - 23 C
RhizomesLeptomorphes (traant)
Portrig and architectur
OperatesBamboo for wet soils, but ressuyant well
Adult height3 5 m, 3.5 m on average
Leaves30 x 3 cm
ExhibitionSun or shade LIO
Diameter thatched2 cm max
Expansion ground1 3 m in 10 years
Foliage colorGreen
Color of the stubbleGreen
Classification bambooMedium (1, 5-3, 5 m)
CertificationBlue plant


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