Fargesia Rufa

Fargesia Angustissima

Fargesia angustissima has the potential to adapt to new environments.

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possibilitée de mixer entre les variétées. RZproduction bambou certifiée plante bleue


Fargesia angustissima is one of the most useful bamboos in the stands, because it does not have too much shade and does not invade nearby plantations too fast. You can associate almost any low plant. Fargesia angustissima likes light shade or in the Woods. An adult plant produces each year an abundance of new slender stubble, that start early and quickly reach their adult size. The young culms of Fargesia angustissima have brilliantly colored purple boots and emerge covered with a white powdery bloom, they lose when they get older and develop loose their fine foliage Vault.

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Name to use:

     Fargesia Angustissima
  • Type of soil: Riche en humus, pas trop humide
  • Use: This species is better protected from a court, a garden enclosed walls or wood.where plants before debuting the protect the information as it is established. Pots and trays, join other plants, for edges of water, hedge, screen or windbreak. (For use in hedge, a 5L pot every 60 / 80cm.)

    Good to know :

    Important! Minimum quantities are needed to order some bamboos on the site. You do not have to order the same variety, you can mix the stamped logo, RZ mix varieties ". To do this, choose varieties according to availability, send us an e-mail to: < a style = "col"Gold: #ef1f7d;" title = "mail customer service company leparadisdujardin.fr"href =".." / contact us "> is"rvice-client@leparadisdujardin.fr, we will build you a custom purchase order. < /p >

Data sheet
RusticitSupports up - 12 C
RhizomesPachymorphes (non-traant)
Adult height4 6 m, 5 m on average
ExhibitionLight or partial shade
Diameter thatched2 cm max
Expansion ground75 cm 1 m in 10 years
Foliage colorGreen
Color of the stubbleGreen
Classification bambooLarge (3.5 m +)
CertificationBlue plant


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