Fargesia Winter Joy

Fargesia Winter Joya lovely bamboo to contemplate all winter. Ideal to complete a massive or terrace... this not tracing bamboo grows quickly without invading your space. < br /.>
The winter joy to green/bleaute rods turning purple and plum. < /p >

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possibilitée de mixer entre les variétées.plantebleuePlante issue de division

It has a good capacity for growth. Its leaves are quite large compared to the other four. His young shoots are a bluish green, then saw dark green, or red / orange / brown dark with age and time. Rather erected port, with drooping heads (because of its liabilities of murielae).

< stroNG >General features

  • Adult height: 3/4 m. +.
  • Hardiness:-21 ° C < /li>
  • Exposure: partial shade/shade/Sun (avoid full South)


It is ideal in tuft isolated and lonely, but it will be also in hedge, or even planter or pot.

A nitida with the faster and more efficient growth.

You should know

  • Comes from a selection of seedlings of 2005.
  • Base: murielae pollinated with nitida.
  • He likes land costs and humiferes...li >
  • It has a good ability of growth...li >
  • It is best to House it cold winds from the Northeast. < /li>
  • Note the presence of a white bloom on the young Spears.

His name in full: fargesia < strong >nitida x murielae 1 "Winter Joy"

Fargesia nitida x murielae ' Winter Joy ' is a hybrid between fargesia nitida and fargesia murielae What makes a great cultivar.

  • Disease resistant and colorful thatch (nitida).
  • open and bright foliage (plant). 

Of after the Nursery Kimmei in Holland.p >

Fargesia Nitida Winter Joy x Murielae is a good choice if you have enough room to grow, so he quickly reached his adult height between 3 and 4 metres makes a relatively fast growth of the plant. < /p >

Data sheet
Season of interestSpring, t, fall, winter
RusticitSupports up - 23 C
RhizomesPachymorphes (non-traant)
PortFalling down
Period of plantationAll year (Frost)
OperatesBamboo for hedges
Level of careEasy
Adult height3 5 m, 3.5 m on average
Leaves5 x 1.5 cm
Foliage dcoratifYes
ExhibitionPartial shade
Diameter thatched1 cm max
Expansion ground75 cm 1.5 m in 10 years
Foliage colorFresh green
Color of the stubbleGreen / purple
Classification bambooMedium (1, 5-3, 5 m)

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