Table Maya

Maya table

New 2016! This MAYA table... très design, to create this superb small set relaxation in summer colors (available as an accessory Chair wavy).

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MAYA table to the structure of polypropylene, available between 6 colours. < br />
This table is an accessory to the chairs of the range waves to create a garden / >

  • White
  • Green
  • Fuchsia
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Black


53 x 53 cm H 48 cm


Clean your furniture with clear or soapy water without detergent, and dry it carefully to avoid traces of limestone. Do not rub with a sponge abrasive or metallic and don't use scouring powder or any other detergent. For very ingrained dirt, use an alcoholic lava-glass product or a specific product type cleaner multi purpose. For mixed metal and resin furniture, clean the resin with SOAP and water, or with a soft brush and a specific product type cleaner multi-purpose if ingrained dirt.

< stRong >THE HEMISPHERE EDITIONS guarantee < SPyear >

All furniture issuesera Editions are guaranteed for 1 year (furniture wood and metal) and 2 years (furniture resin) corrosion or other deterioration of appearance. Are excluded from the guarantee: damage related to a lack of care or no respect for precautions and advice of receipt, installation, use, maintenance and storage of the furniture. Natural materials wear and the fraying. Regular departures from corrosion deriving scratches or abrasions due to usage and not expendable through cleaning and maintenance. The corrosion of stainless steel parts due to use in a chlorinated and confined environment. Changes of appearance of wood due to its aging. Wood is a living material, its surface condition is evolving by nature.


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