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Pinus Sylvestris

Bonsai < strong >150-175cm out of pot, delivered in a wooden pot...facilities >

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où la plante devra être exposée.Exhibition
Sun, he needs to
Sun to grow.p >

logo température plantesHardiness
Supports up to-50 ° c <.p >

< img style = "float: left;" clear: left; margin-right: 7px; "margin-bottom: 15px;" title = "" src ="height... "/ img/product/taille.jpg" alt = "Adult height of the plant" width = "40" height = "40" / >Height
According to the tree ordered

vitesse de pousse de la planteGrowth

forme que prend la plante a l'age adulte Port
Cloud tree, bonsai < /.p >

la plante perd elle ses feuilles lors de la période hivernaleFoliage

Pinus Sylvestris, Scots pine, wild pine, pine, red pine, pine from the North, named by anglophones 'Scotes pine'. Of very long-lived pine, grey-reddish wood, which tends to crack; its foliage is rather gray-blue. He asks to be planted in a neutral soil,not too acidic, clayey or limestone; sand won't mind.

Name to use:/ span >Pinus Sylvestris, commonly called Pin Sylvestre

Type of soil: Une préférence pour les sols acides mais pas trop, ni trop calcaires, ni trop humides.

Use: isolated, to put forward. 

Available pot:/ span >
Wooden pot; calibrated plant photo.


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