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Larix Kaempferi larch from the Japan Bonsai

150-175cm off deco P60/C90 pot bonsai.

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The larch of Japan (Larix Kaempferi) measure 150-175 cm high off pot, delivered in a container P60 / C90 litres, with mulch made from bark on the top of the pot. This plant is cut S hasith type Japanese, a tree cloud clouds perfect to dress up his garden. 
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Deciduous species : very sensitive to late frosts. < /p >

Appearance: Conical tops with long almost horizontal branches, height about 30 to < sPan class = "nowrap" >35 meters < /.span >. He reached an age of 200 years. Its trunk is often flexuous (bent or curved zigzag).

Palm: These are long and short shoots, red brown orange, shiny (hairless and slightly pubescent at first), thick with tufts of leaves.

Buds: Brown-reddish, shiny, slightly resinous. < /p >

Bark: Brown-orange, quite finely cracked in small scales, fairly thin.

Leaves: Soft needles of length between 1.8 and 4 cm deciduous, isolated on the long shoots, grouped in clumps on the short shoots; they become yellow-orange in the fall when the fall.

Flowers: Females in Globular kittens, more or less Crimson greenish yellow, thoughtful bracts.

Bloom time: March-April

Fruiting: November-February.p >

Fruit: Cones globular, almost spherical, small (15-30 mm); ECgo thin reflective edges, appear as arranged in a rosette, little visible short bracts. One of the differences with the larch of Europe is at the level of the cone scales have the upper edges think (outward).

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It will be light with steady humidity, the soil must be light, airy and deep.

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Our cloud trees are produced in the Netherlands;  l'acclimatation dans nos régions est excellente, Unlike the Italian and Spanish productions.
Vsee reviews on our Juniperus on sale year-round. < /has >



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