Crochet avec mousqueton pour balançoire intérieure

Hook with snap hook for indoor swing

You don't have a garden? Thanks to this hook with carabiner, install a swing directly in your interior and enjoy the same during winter.


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Thishook with carabinerof the KBT brand, is specifically designed to be mounted inside or below a shelter for example. It offers a good alternative for people who want to enjoy a swing, but who do not have an outdoor space or a large garden. This hook with carabiner therefore gives you the possibility of hanging a swing on it and thus offers you the possibility of enjoying it at home, even during winter. Note that mounting hardware is not included.

Theall the hooks of the KBT brand are protected by an extra thick luminous galvanized galvanization, meeting the most rigorous requirements. All KBT products are tested and approved in accordance with the most recent European directives and regulations.

CaracTechnical characteristics of the hook with carabiner for internal swing of the brand KBT:

Material: galvanized steel
Dimensions: 90 x 90 x 168 mm
Carabiner with nylon bearing
Diameter of fixing holes: 6.3 mm

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