Tendeur à goupille inox 316

Tensioner set with cable inox 316

Tensioner pin with an another tensioner pin in the end, seam, custom, length stainless stainless the accessory stainless steel versatile pro by excellence! resistance to any race.

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dessin tendeur serti vis apparent M08 avec dimension

Tensioner set custom stainless steel 316 wired to pin + tensioner to pin at the other end.


This tensioner combines safety, efficiency, cleanliness and aestheticism, clamping range more important.  D'une part la voile d'ombrage est emprisonnée par une goupille, de l'autre côté la fixation murale est elle aussi emprisonnée par une goupille et entre ces deux points de fixations, un cable inox 5mm est serti. Même en cas de vent relativement fort la voile ou la fixation murale ne se désolidarise pas du tendeur/attache. 

You can now choose a hardware to measure all stainless and adjustable length!





< p stylee = "do-family: Arial, Helvetica, without serif;" do-size: 10px; make-weight: bold; color: #6c545e; "list-style-type: disc;" >This Kit includes:

-1 TURNBUCKLE stainless 316

-1 tie/fastening pin stainless steel 316

-1 cable braided stainless steel 5mm length to define

-2 crimps (performed directly at the factory) < /.p >




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Reference < /.TD >Designation



Diam. cable
















TensionersTURNBUCKLE stainless 316M105125230129 

Council / made to measure:/ span >

First each started meter stainless steel cable is of.

example: If the length you want is 256cm, selected length: 300 cm.

Measures must be taken to axis / axis of the turnbuckles. In the preparation of the product measure is taken halfway of the turnbuckles, IE they are unbolted at 50% of its capacity and thereby L1 measure 290 mm.

Ideally the defined axis/axis measure must be the exact measure of the distance sailing/fixation with a certain tension on the sail.

The exact length is specifiedr in the process of finalizing the order "process 3 address" space provided to this effect.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate not to contact us at the following address: service-client@planteparadise.fr < /.p >

Data sheet
Weight (kg)200 grams

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