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Neocord is a fsupplier business of umbrellas views breeze and screen and luxury shading sails.

The company was created in 1996.The first prototype of the shading kit was designed as an alternative to the umbrella (which rotates in all directions) or to store arms (unfortunately, heavy and difficult install)
The technique of solar sails (machine-washable 40 c) surcble stretched stainless steel quickly convinced, as it is a little coteuse and adaptable solution.
The ide has made its way and the system was constantly enhanced.
Come and discover our unique umbrellas high TATU brand. Our parasols are manufacturing European for an ingalable quality. We have also sails of shadows standards and measure that will perfectly fit your needs.

A wide range of luxury wooden frne products awaits you, the simple parasol at umbrella dport via parasols to original forms and multiple colors.

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