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Manufacturer, creator of shade sail "The coolest shade under the sun"

Our shade sails

Shade sails: a simple solution, inexpensive, durable and of a great visual elegance for your outdoor space, that the solar sail or arbor garden will be able to highlight whatever is the style.

In2011 we are pleased to introduce you the vFifth generation shade oile , produced by the Australian manufacturer Sailshadeworld for which the high-end is the norm. The approval of our brand is automatic in Australia for any public use.

Simply stated: Sailshadeworld shade sails are the best in the world market.

Thanks to its quality level, the Sailshadeworld solar fabric is clearly different from the competition. Pay a little more today but receive a shade sail much more reliable, durable and resistant tomorrow. The protection against UV rays is woven into the material as soon as it is made, (unlike the cheaper shade sails, where the protection is applied by bath only after the elaboration of these, limiting their useful life to few seasons). It is thanks to this integrated protection manufacturing method that we can provide a 10-year guarantee against the UV deterioration of your solar sail. For a garden arbor at once elegant, original and fresh even in summer, give yourself a high quality solar canvas.


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