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Fabricator, creator of shade sail "The coolest shade under the sun"

Our shade sails

Sails shade: a solution simple, little coteuse, durable and dune great Visual neatness to your outside than the solar sail or Arbor garden space will be able to highlight what quen either style.

In 2011 we are pleased to present the sail shade of fifth generationproduced by the Australian manufacturer Sailshadeworld that the high end is the standard. Approval of our brand is automatic in Australia for any public use.

Simply said: the Sailshadeworld shade sails are the best of the world march.

Through its quality level, the solar canvas Sailshadeworld stands out from the competition. Pay a little more today but receive a shade sail much more reliable, durable and rsistantedemain. Protection against UV rays is woven in the ds material manufacture, (unlike the shade sails less expensive, o nest protection applied by bath quaprs cooperation, limiting their life a few seasons). It is through this method of manufacturing protection integrated we can supply a 10 year warranty against UV solar sail dtrioration. For an Arbor garden both vellum, original and fresh Ms. full t, enjoy high quality solar sheeting.


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