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Purple Frog, manufacturer of quality Dutch supsendu hammock / seat

The frog is a symbol of change. The magical transformation from prince to frog, a fairy tale in many cultures, means believing in dreams. Purple Frog believes in the power of change and sees everyday products from a different angle. This purple frog wants to be different from all her green friends ...

Dutch design by Purple Frog

  • Young Ones Wood Swing - Purple Frog

    Purple Frog

    129,95 € tva inclus. Delivery time 6 working days
    Our swing is made of 7cm recycled wood which gives it a robust and natural look. The wood comes from old houses demolished: no tree was therefore cut down. The first load of wood comes from Rotterdam.e = "color: # d0121a;">This wood has already lived a whole life, sometimes over 100 years!