Liste des produits du fabricant Cadac

CADAC offers a wide range of barbecues and outdoor kitchens that are characterized by their high quality, ease of use and wide variety of cooking surfaces

France is a country of barbecue par excellence, however it can still learn many things from Braai African. A Braai (African word for barbecue) is much more than just cooking meat, it's a way of life. A Braai symbolizes a social gathering. Family and friends get together to enjoy good food prepared in the open air.In South Africa, September 24th symbolizes the beginning of spring but also and especially the national day of Braai, the beginning of the Braai period.

CADAC (Commercial And Domestic Appliance Company) was founded more than 60 years ago in South Africa and knows, in fact, better than any other what is the art of Braai / BBQ. CADAC is part of South African culture, as are the Braais, and other biltong or boerewors (South African meat specialties). The parent company is still located in South Africa, however CADAC products are now available all over the world.


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