Liste des produits du fabricant Shelto

The pouf cushion and hammock ... outside or inside for a great comfort, resistant to different weather conditions!

Shelto is a French manufacturer of poufs and hammocks for outdoor or indoor for comfort, resistant to different weather conditions. A series of beanbags and hammocks, in fabric, designed for outside or inside. Relaxation on your garden space or your terrace. Leave the Shelto out, they are in their element! The poufs and hammocks are rubust, comfortable, trendy and very easy to move thanks to their weight. All Shelto pouf models are filled with white expandable polystyrene raw material (17 g / L +/- 10% ball density) which has a flame retardant. For poufs and hammocks it is designed with a pleasant fabric, soft and supple, the Shelto adapt easily to your morphology. Exceptional comfort which allows you to relax anywhere.


Aucun produit de ce fabricant.