Banana - Musa

Banana - Musa 

The banana(Musa) form a genus of perennial monocotyledonous plants of the family Musaceaewhose fruits, in general, are bananas.

Banana, contrary to popular belief, is not a tree but a herbaceous plantid = "cite_ref-1" class = "reference">1. It is not a tree because it is not lignified, although it is not the most characteristic criterion since bamboos are lignified and are not trees either. It is customary to say a little wrongly that it is "the biggest grass of the world".

This genre comprises about 60 species, all tropical, many of which are widely grown for banana production. Some species have an ornamental interest and are grown in greenhouses in temperate countries.

Theterm "banana" may also be used for species not belonging to the genus Musa </ I>. Species of the genus Ensetelike the fake "banana" ( Insete ventricosum) are also grouped under the term "banana trees". Overall, all belong to the Musa familyCEAE.


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