Liste des produits du fabricant Outbag

The outer pouf for comfort, weather resistant, all year round, anywhere!

Outbag manufacturer of outdoor poufs for comfort, weather resistant, all year round, anywhere! place to idleness!

A collection of poufs, armchairs and sunbeds, fabric or leather, specially designed for the outdoors but that you can also enjoy inside. On your terrace or balcony, you can relax on one of the Outbag models canvas weather resistant and sun. Leave the Outbags out, they are in their element! Armchairs, ottomans and sunbeds are solid, comfortable, trendy and very easy to move thanks to their featherweight: they will accompany you everywhere: terrace, garden, boat, lawn, bedroom, living room ... All Outbag models are filled with Polyethylene balls dusted. Thanks to the soft, soft and supple fabric and the lining, the Outbag adapts directly to your morphology. Exceptional comfort which allows you to relax anywhere. Take time for yourself and relax on one of these armchairs, poufs or sunbeds from the Outbag collection!

According to the chosen fabric, outbag can withstand, water, salt water, sand chlorine ....


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