Liste des produits du fabricant Axi

By choosing an AXI playhouse, you can rest assured that your children will play safely, as all AXI playhouses carry the European CE certification and are also tested and certified in the TÜV laboratories.

Games and Activities

Escalate, slide and discover, this is what Axi wooden houses offer for playing indoors, above and all around. For children, they are real houses adapted to their size. Some maisonettes have a terrace with a railing, others are equipped with a slide or a sandbox. With these fun equipment, AXI playhouses awaken each child's fantasy. Today is a playhouse and tomorrow maybe a castle or a boat ...

Inspired by their most beautiful dreams, the creators have put a lot of fantasy in the realization of AXI maisonettes. Of course, parents have not been forgotten: the houses are safe, solid and composed of modules easy to assemble.

Safe & reliable

By choosing an AXI playhouse, you can rest assured that your children will play safely, as all AXI playhouses are CE-certified and tested.certified in TÜV Laboratories, one of the most important certification bodies in the toy industry.

The smooth finishes of all the maisonettes provide additional security. In addition, the oblique finish of the windows reduces the risk of pinching fingers and thanks to the magnetic closures, the windows and doors close without any danger.

The stairs have straight steps allowing children to climb easily and safely into the house. In addition, the toboggan with a bar provides additional security.

Durable & strong

The AXI maisonettes are not only pretty, they are also very solid. Once assembled, they are made of cedar wood walls with a thickness of 15 mm fixed in a frame of not less than 38 mm. With their heavy and solid structure, these houses are not afraid.

Cedar is a durable wood that benefits from natural protection against rot, insects andmold and thus ensures a long life without the need for chemical treatment.

The durability of AXI maisonettes is enhanced by a roof with a waterproof coating and the exterior of the cabins is treated with stain.

For today and tomorrow

AXI maisonettes are made from Asian cedar wood called Cunninghemia lanceolata. It is a 100% FSC variety of wood that means that the wood comes from responsible silviculture: for every tree cut, a new tree is planted. Thanks to this rigorous choice of our suppliers, children have fun in responsible, sustainable and reliable houses and we are committed to the protection of the environment, today and tomorrow! 1,2,3 loans? play!

With an AXI playhouse, you can realize your child's dream in no time at all. Indeed, each AXI maisonette is composed of pre-assembled and pre-drilled modules that you mount very simply with a screwdriver. The modules are all ready with integrated windows, doors and roofs. You do not have to think about peinture or treatment because it's already done. The only thing left to do is mount the modules so that children can play in their house!


To prove the quality of AXI maisonettes, you benefit from a contractual guarantee of 2 years on construction and 5 years on wood!