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By choosing an AXI Playhouse, you your insured that your children will play in any security, because all AXI playhouses bear the European CE certification and are also tested and certified laboratories TV.

Games and activities

Climb, slide and discover, voil what Axi wooden small houses are proposing to play inside, top and all autour. For children, these are real houses adapted their size. Some maisonettes are equipped with dune terrace equipped with dun railing, other are teams dune glissire or well dun sandbox sand. With these fun equipment, the AXI playhouses ensure the imagination of every child. Today cest a hut games and tomorrow may be a castle or a boat

Algorithm by their most beautiful dreams, the creators have put a lot of fantasy in the liberalization of the AXI playhouses. Although sr, parents have not t oversights: small houses are sres, solid and compounds of easy mount.

SRES & reliable

By choosing an AXI Playhouse, you your insured that your children will play in any security, because all the AXI playhouses are theEuropean CE certification and are also tested and certified in the TV, one laboratory certification among the most important bodies in the toy sector.

The smooth finish of lintgralit of small houses provide an extra safety. In addition, finish slash windows reduces the risk of pinching of fingers and thanks to magnetic closures, windows and doors are closed without any danger.

The stairs have straight markets allowing children to ride easily and safely into the cabin. In addition, the provided slide dune bar offers an extra security.

Durable & solid

The AXI playhouses are not only beautiful, they are also solid trs. Once montes, they are compounds of walls in wood of Cedar dune thickness of 15 mm fixed in a chassis of not less than 38 mm. With their heavy and solid structure, these cottages are afraid of nothing.

CDr. is a durable wood which has dune natural protection against rot, insects and mold and ensures a long life without need chemical treatment lasts.

The sustainability of the AXI playhouses is reinforced by a roof floor reduction team and outside of the cabins is related the stain.

For today and tomorrow

The AXI playhouses are made with wood of little Asian appeal Cunninghemia lanceolata. He is dune varit wood 100% FSC meaning that the wood is coming from responsible forestry: for each hit tree, a new tree is plant. Through this rigorous selection of our suppliers, children samusent in maisonettes responsible, sustainable and reliable and we commit ourselves to the protection of environment, today and tomorrow! 1,2,3 STRP? play!

With an AXI Playhouse, you ralisez in a jiffy the rve of your child. Indeed, each AXI Playhouse is composed of modules pr-monts and pr-percs that youMount trs simply with a screwdriver. The modules are all cigarillos with the windows, doors and roofing embedded. You Nair nor think paint or treatment because cest dj made. The only thing that rest do, mounting of the modules so that children can play in their house!


To prove the quality of the AXI playhouses you bnficiez contractual warranty dune 2 years on the construction and 5 years on the wood!

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