Rimbou Icarus Parasol

Umbrosa Eclipse

The concept Eclipse is ultra modern and innovative. Acquire Eclipse, this is acquire a unique dport parasol.

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umbrosa eclipseCANVAS

Canvas available in 2 finishes:

  • Chart type Premium olefin: 190 gr/m2 density, protection 8 UV 80, manufactured in Spain and warranty 3 years. Available in 10 choice of colours.
  • Swatches Limited edition of type acrylic (Sunbrella) : densit 290 gr/m2, protection UPF50 +, manufactured in France, 3 year warranty. available in 7 colors to choose from.

Qualit : Anti-UV, anti-dperlant. Pillar 240cm - anodized aluminum - ring-aluminium ring inside a fiberglass.
Maintenance : maximum 40 c machine washable. No dry cleaning. Do not use product dtergent. No ironing. No schage in drum. Tlechargez wash here instruction.


  • Protective cover included!
  • Rotation 360 support is also included (set on soil/concrete or use a flat base or anchor of btonnage).

Download the Rimbou Icarus by clicking here installation manual.

fabricant de design extrieur ingenua
Umbrosa SA distributes the Umbrosa range with Paraflex, Rimbou and Ingenua brands in more than 40 countries. Expand of unique products, Umbrosa allows you to enjoy the Sun by easily creating shadow with trs trends products so that your garden or your patio is by of prettiest construction in symbiosis with nature.
Technical specifications
  • Mark: Umbrosa - Rimbou
  • Range: Garden and terrace
  • Origin: Europe
  • Density of the canvas Gr/m: 190, 270 gr/m
  • Model: Luxury Dport
  • The shape of the canvas: Other forms
  • Finish of the canvas: OLEFIN, acrylic, Pvc
  • Quality of the canvas: Anti-uv, Anti-dperlant
  • Quality Anti-UV: 6: 7-8 Max
  • Finish of the mast: Aluminum - fiberglass
  • Movement: Adjustable height, Rotation 360
  • Height (cm): 235 cm
Color Pallet

Premium Umbrosa

Fabric: 190g / m² - Olefin - Credits 6 at 7/8. The colors marked with (*) are only available in 2.7m hexagonal size


premium mint
premium mandarine
premium sunflower
premium alba
premium terra
premium camel
premium nero
premium taupe
premium stonegrey
premium roma
premium red

Limited Edition Umbrosa

Fabric: 235g / m² - Dickson Sunbrella ® UV - 7 à 8/8

limited edition gold
limited edition paris red
limited edition pink
limited edition canvas
limited edition taupe
limited edition granite
limited edition olive
limited edition lagoon
limited edition orange

* News 2014


his brand was developed there over 30 years by Glen Raven USA for marine activity. These fabrics are 100% acrylic water-repellent , rot and have a high UV resistance to breakage and discoloration. Indeed, Sunbrella ® fabrics are exclusively woven from acrylic fibers " dyed " . The specificity of " dyed " lies in mixing the color pigments in the heart of the fiber in its initial stages of production , that is to say even before producing the wire. Sunbrella ® retains its color much longer against the aggressions of the sun , moon , water and salt. Finally, all Sunbrella ® fabrics are treated in a specific formulation based on nanotechnology. This exclusive treatment protects the fabric from climatic aggressions , fats and atmospheric pollution. It preserves its appearance over the years and its maintenance is much easier.

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